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IAC Support
02 Sep 2016
Activities incentive program. Since the IAC digital integration run,it has been recognition and attention from the community's.The next generation platform had the mission of innovative marketing development.We are now just the beginning,in order to allow more families to enjoy high-speed developme . . .
IAC Support
21 Aug 2016
Market alway worried about sell out points and never market is worried about buy in point,the market has always been a lot of concern is selling platform, but IAC digital integrator has break this logic, forever allowing the player to have more and more rich integration,and is becoming more valuabl . . .
IAC Support
09 Aug 2016
To the global players, leaders  Hi everyone ! Thank you very much trust and support along the way, you are the leader, has a vision and drive than ordinary people, let us together today determined to build an open COINS ecosystem, we through the integration of the community and IAC digital bits to . . .
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